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Weird News ! A book written by DEVIL in Only ONE night ! If You write , it will take 30 years !

Weird News ! A book written by DEVIL in Only ONE night ! If You write , it will take 30 years !

Codex Gigas: The Devil’s Bible – An Article by Mr. Karan Mohan


Weird news ! This book is considered one of the most mysterious books in the world.
It was written by the devil in only one night.

This universe is full of secrets as well as our earth is also a vault of secrets. We will talk about a book which known is ”One of the most mysterious books in the world.”
The name of this book is “Codex Gigas”. It is also known as Devil’s Bible, as it is believed that this book was written by Devil.

Codex gigas, or The Devil's Bible. The Heavenly City (289 v.) and the Devil (290 r).
The Codex Gigas


  1. The Devil’s Bible is 36 inches tall, 20 inches wide, and 8.7 inches thick.
  2. The Devil’s Bible contains 310 pages made from vellum from 160 donkeys. Originally, The Devil’s Bible contained 320 pages, but at some point in time the last ten pages were cut out and removed from the book.
  3. The Devil’s Bible weighs 165 lbs.
  4. The Devil’s Bible was meant to be a work of history. That’s why it contains the Christian Bible in its entirety, The Jewish War and Jewish Antiquities by Flavius Josephus (37–100 C.E.), an encyclopedia by St. Isidor of Seville (560–636), and The Chronicle of Bohemia written by a Bohemian monk named Cosmas (1045–1125). In addition to these texts, there are a number of shorter texts included as well, e.g. on medical practices, penitence, and exorcism.
  5. The identity of the scribe who created The Devil’s Bible is unknown. Scholars believe that the book is the creation of one person, most likely a monk living in Bohemia (today a part of the Czech Republic) during the first half of the thirteenth century.
  6.  Based on the amount of text and the details of the illuminations, it has been estimated that it took as long as thirty years to finish the book. In other words, the anonymous scribe seems to have dedicated the most part of his life to creating The Devil’s Bible.
  7. In 1594, The Devil’s Bible was brought to Prague from the Broumov monastery, where it had been kept since the year 1420. King Rudolph II (1576–1612) asked to borrow The Devil’s Bible. He promised the monks that when he was finished with the book, he would return it. Which he of course never did.
  8. The Devil’s Bible has been given its name because of a full-size portrait of the Devil. Portraits of the Devil were common during the Middle Ages but this particular portrait is unique. Here, the Devil is portrayed alone on the page. The image is very big—nineteen inches tall. The Devil is crouching and facing forward. He is naked apart from an ermine loincloth. Ermine is worn as a sign of royalty. It is believed that the Devil wears ermine in this image to demonstrate that he is the Prince of Darkness.
National Library of Sweden, Codex gigas, or The Devil's Bible, Gospel of Matthew, 254 r.
National Library of Sweden, Codex Gigas, or The Devil’s Bible, Gospel of Matthew, 254 r.

This is the case of a Priest during the thirteenth century of Benedictine Monastery. This place comes in today’s Czech Republic. It is said that he had done something due to which he was given the death penalty.
To avoid his death, he pleaded with the king, and the king gave him a task that was impossible. The king ordered him to write a Bible that was most unique in just one night. He accepted this condition of the king, but he could not fulfill it even after he had spent the midnight, so to avoid his death, he made a pact with the devil and fulfilled the condition given by the king.

weird news

Weird News ! When the King saw that Priest had fulfilled the condition in the morning, he forgave him and also rewarded him. Because Satan had completed that Bible, Priest made a picture of Satan in that Bible.

But this Bible was brought to Sweden in 1648 by Sweden during the 30-year war and even today the book is kept in ‘National Library of Sweden, Stockholm’.

It is not that this is only a concocted story. Many scientists also researched this book and they too were shocked after the results they have found.

The Codex Gigas Book is wooden planks covered with leather, with guards and adorned metal fittings. 92 cm (36 “) long, width of 50 cm wide and 22 cm (8.7”) thick, it is the largest known medieval manuscript. Weighing 74.8 kg (165 lb), codex gigas is composed of 310 vellum leaves claimed from the skins of 160 donkeys, or perhaps the Casson calf covering 142.6 m2 (1,535 square feet) in total.

The manuscript includes illuminations in red, blue, yellow, green and gold. The uppercase letters at the beginning of the books of the Bible and the chronicle are elucible with several colors, sometimes taking most of the page; 57 of them survive. (The beginning of the book of Genesis is missing).

There are also 20 initials with the blue letters, with a vine decoration in red. With the exception of the portraits of the devil, a portrait of the author of Josephus and a squirrel perched on an initial (f. 110V), the illuminations all display geometric or herbal forms, rather than human or animal forms. There are also two images representing the sky and the earth when creating, blue and green circles with respectively the moon and some stars and a planet all sea without landing.

In books, the main capitals are greatly enlarged, taking the height of about five to six lines of text, in red ink and placed in the margins. Smaller divisions such as the beginning of the verses are slightly enlarged in the text and highlighted by the yellowish ink around the letter forms.

The most shocking thing is that the writing of this 320-page book is exactly the same which shows that this book has been written in a very short time.
According to scientists, it would have taken at least 25 years to write such a large book at that time and make as much art as it could, but this book was written in only one night, which is not possible by any human being. Then the question is, how did this happen? Is the existence of Devil real? I leave the answer to you.

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